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Alzheimer's Disease Demonstration Grants to States

Published on AidPage by IDILOGIC on Jun 24, 2005

Program accomplishments...

For fiscal year 2002, competitive grants were awarded to 8 States. In fiscal year 2003 a competition was held to award an additional 7 new grants. Continued support is anticipated for fiscal year 2004. Grants have a 3-year project period, contingent upon the availability of funds. National program evaluation activities are in progress. Fiscal year 2000/2001 program evaluation included analysis of seven years of longitudinal program data and ongoing project evaluation. During the first ten years of program implementation, over 15,000 client families have received direct services (such as adult day care, respite. personal care, home health care, and companion care) and approximately 1 million units of outreach, including educational seminars and workshops have been provided to family caregivers, community service providers, and volunteers. Nearly 50 percent of the clients served are minorities and 48 percent of those receiving services reside in rural areas.